Sybven organizes a karaoke evening for its SybTeams



Sybven, the leading company in digital transformation and technological solutions, promoted recreational activities for its employees at the organization's facilities.
More than 100 Sybven employees spent a different afternoon, full of fellowship, singing, fun, performance and recreation, as part of the Labor Recreation Program of the National Institute of Training and Recreation of Workers (INCRET), which promotes friendly integration among employees, active breaks and seeks to raise awareness among organizations about the need to provide these spaces of well-being to all its members.
During the activity, Sybven's Labor Recreation Committee (CRL), was in charge of organizing a pleasant afternoon of karaoke, in which the SybTeams enjoyed the voices of their colleagues interpreting the well-known musical hits of international stars, among which were: Mátalas, Vicente Fernández; Vamos pa' la conga, Ricardo Montaner; Tengo ganas de ti, Christina Aguilera ft. Alejandro Fernández; Ella y Yo, Don Omar ft. Aventura; DPM, Kany García; Olvídame y pega la vuelta, Pimpinela; Yo no soy una loba, Las Chicas del Can; among others.
In addition, the Sybven performers brought their peers to their feet with fearless performances, making them dance to the rhythm of the songs, and even joining them all in a big "conga" line.
Afterwards, the CCC held a sharing with all the SybTeams to celebrate the end of the day with a feast of pizzas, soft drinks and snacks.
Given the excellent reception of this recreational event by the SybTeams, the CRL has planned more activities to be carried out during the course of the year in order to continue promoting spaces for well-being, recreation and integration among its collaborators.


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