Sybven SAP Innovation Day

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We share with our clients, prospects, journalists and great personalities an agenda full of the main technological trends for organizations and the hand of our experts: Magdalena De Luca, Salvatore Cherchi, Fernando De Jesus Espitia, Dayan Acosta, Jeannette Cotilla, Yeraldin Ramirez:
- SAP CX: omnichannel, hyper-personalization, data and the new customer experience
- SAP Rise: start your path to the cloud and start innovating
- SAP HXM: The Value of Employee Experience in the Business Equation
- Qualtrics: how to achieve the synergy CX + EX + BX + PX The event was held at Moreno Restaurant in the city of Caracas and featured two great Venezuelan exponents: the Venezuelan chef and culinary expert Victor Moreno and the national sustainable tourism referent Valentina Quintero. The moderation of the event was in charge of the TV host
José Gregorio Morales. We emphasize that all technological adoption requires aligning: technology, processes and people to drive organizational changes and new business models, which will contribute to a better Venezuela and achieve the positive future we all hope to have.

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