SAP, ASUG Venezuela and Sybven reaffirm their commitment to Venezuela's digital future

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Last Thursday, October 27th, a great event was held, organized by SAPThe SAP Users Association of Venezuela (ASUG Venezuela) and Sybven, together with its customers, prospects and specialized press to share, exchange knowledge, interact, align new and best practices in favor of humanization and digital transformation.
The main focus was the face-to-face meeting of the new ASUG board, the connection between the association's members and the presentation of its plans and news, such as the launch of its new digital channels and its roadmap for the future.
ASUG Venezuela encourages its members through collaborative meetings, networking and experience management: "we are a strategic community, made up of SAP customers in Venezuela, which seeks the integration and achievement of individual and common objectives of its members, through participation and exchange of information and knowledge," emphasized Pedro Romero, current president of ASUG Venezuela.
Among the benefits of being a member of the association, Romero highlighted the direct relationship between affiliates and SAP, in the same ecosystem, and through official communication channels; face-to-face and virtual meetings with external or community experts, as well as participation in interest groups. He also explained that ASUG Venezuela is part of the Association of SAP Users in Ibero-America (AUSIA), which brings together Spanish and Portuguese-speaking SAP users to generate synergy among its members and work towards common goals.
Romero also detailed ASUG Venezuela's plans for 2023, noting that: "to encourage greater participation among affiliates and the incorporation of new members, we have planned ASUG Talks: bimonthly technology meetings, ASUG Pulse: measurements on topics of interest to the community, an annual technology meeting and face-to-face meetings with the board of directors".
Likewise, the association promised to resume the "seedbed project": to germinate a new generation of technological relay, focused on the community and the relationship of each of its members.
"It is time to return to these meetings, it is time to share together again [...] hand in hand with SAP, ASUG Venezuela is committed to the transformation of its members," said Pedro Romero.
For his part, Salvatore Cherchi, Territory Account Manager of SAP, highlighted the commitment to strengthen the relationship with customers and promote the concept of the intelligent company. María Porras, Multi-Country Industry Led/ Specialist ISBN. SAP CLOUD of SAP; based on the SAP Procurement Life program, focused on the criticality of the supply and purchase process of organizations, how to carry out an intelligent expense management, the importance of a good business network and how to boost it with SAP Ariba and SAP Fiedglass.
In turn, Sybven, as sponsor of the event, closed with the presentation of Magdalena De Luca, CEO of Sybven, who made a tour of the current situation of Venezuela in the process of digital transformation and the future vision of the process hand in hand with SAP, highlighting that it will maintain investments for its development and growth plans and thus consolidate its value proposition in the Venezuelan market.
"I want, additionally, to give you a vision of humanization in the process of digital transformation [...] it is the trend that drives us to continue growing, from Venezuela, for the region, sowing all our experience and the expertise of our collaborators in the different industries in which we operate. We will continue working to support ASUG in its growth and consolidation, and we will spare no effort, together with SAP, to achieve customer success," emphasized De Luca.
The event culminated with networking among attendees and speakers to further enhance the values promoted during the lectures: humanization, networking, exchange of ideas and connection.

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