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Nowadays, many companies have migrated their processes to the home office mode, so most industries have progressively adapted to this new normality due to COVID-19. According to Kaspersky, more than 48% of people choose to make their video calls in a more home-like outfit, while 27% prefer to conduct their activities from open spaces such as gardens and terraces.
"Unlike the first months of confinement, today people have a home office routine that is much more in line with their lifestyle. The adoption of technology, connectivity and collaborative work has allowed them to design increasingly dynamic workdays and a way of working that they would never have thought of before the pandemic", says Carlos Kamimura, Director of LATAM Alliances at Monday.com, so it can be understood that the home office brings with it a wave of positive changes for today's companies.
However, it is not easy for everyone to work from home, so we bring you 7 programs that will make your working day much easier and will make it easier for you to meet your goals during various projects of different kinds.

7 programs for the home office

Google Drive
Currently, the use of Cloud technology technology has become a trend because of its incredible versatility and ease of use, due to the storage possibilities offered by this platform. It has gained popularity in different areas of work becoming an indispensable tool for any project.
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  • Online edition of the office package, no need for the file on the computer.
  • Share the documents with your work team and make modifications together.
  • Free storage of multimedia documents and office package up to 15GB.
One of the most used tools globally by different organizations to carry out projects in different areas. This platform gained great popularity for promoting team work as it allows you to visualize your tasks through cards, and also many organizations use this program to carry out agile work methodologies such as Scrum.
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  • You can organize your dashboard as you see fit, usually into to-do, in-process and completed tasks.
  • You can have a card with various tasks on it and cross them off for convenience.
  • You can assign the cards to one or more members so that everyone is in sync.

One of the most used tools during the home office thanks to its speed during video calls and ease of use in the chat. This platform allows you to send links to your colleagues allowing them to enter a room. Up to 500 people can participate in a meeting, making it one of the most popular programs.

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  • Possibility to record conferences.
  • Conference programming.
  • Simultaneous chat tabs.
Open LMS
It guarantees its users the best online learning experience from anywhere and at any time during your home office. With Open LMSthe most powerful SaaS platform based on Moodle, you save time, effort and achieve your e-learning objectives successfully. This program is ideal for inductions or courses within organizations.
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  • Interactive activities, easy to grade.
  • Creation of innovative content from the platform with H5P.
  • Personalized learning paths with the Personalized Learning Designer.
We tranfer
This platform considerably facilitated the transfer of large files during the home office, since its versatile operating system allows you to attach content of all kinds, from presentations to videos or photographs, thus lightening your storage on your computer or mobile device.
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  • You can send up to 2 GB of files.
  • You can ship quickly and it is convenient to use.
  • Transfers by email up to 10 people.
One of the most used tools during the home office thanks to its easy interface to communicate among colleagues, it has a video call and chat mode with a wide range of emoticons, gifs, stikers, for greater personalization during your interaction.
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  • Allows you to share the screen for further feedback.
  • Vision of two honeycombs so as not to mix conversations.
  • Recording calls.
SybDigital CX4 Insurance
It is a solution developed by Sybven, based on SAP Marketing Cloud, specifically to boost the customer experience strategy in insurance companies. SybDigital CX4 Insurance, through the automation of the customer journey of the insured, covers from the prospecting stage to the loyalty of your customers.
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  • Management of data update, promotion and collection campaigns.
  • Omnichannel and personalized attention to the insured.
  • Automated delivery of critical documents in real time.
We all know the importance of adapting to this new way of working that is the home office, so if you have all these tools in your company or enterprise you will be on the right track, optimize your processes and improve your results progressively in your projects with the best tools Are you ready for this new normality?

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