Digital Document Management

Digital Document Management


Transform your documents, go digital. Optimize your processes, empowering the power of data, by digitizing fiscal and financial documents, complying with all rules and regulations.

Wakal: digital document manager

Streamline your organization, reduce response times and improve your business strategies, taking advantage of the robust platform that manages, stores and retrieves large volumes of digital documents. Wakal facilitates document digitization by:

  • Compress and encrypt documents

  • Adding value to data and managing it online

  • Optimize processes through intelligent repositories

  • Reduce risk by maintaining transparency of every part of the process


Visualization portal

Boost document digitalization and improve your operability with the responsive web interface that allows data visualization and connects your organization with the access applications for your customers, through intranet. It integrates easily with Wakal, allowing:

  • Document queries in various formats

  • Administration of different platforms

  • Enabling audit functions

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