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Online learning platforms guarantee institutions and organizations professional development through any technological device, from anywhere. The power of technological innovation, expands access to education, providing modern, intuitive and personalized learning experiences.

Open LMS

Guarantee your users the best online learning experience from anywhere and at any time. With Open LMS , the most powerful Moodle-based SaaS platform, you save time, effort and achieve your e-learning goals successfully.

See what it has to offer!

  • Interactive activities, easy to grade

  • Creating innovative content from the platform with H5P

  • Personalized learning paths with the Personalized Learning Designer

  • Reports for decision making


Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

It drives you to the ultimate digital transformation. It is a one-click solution where you can access real-time, collaborative, interactive, flexible and accessible virtual meetings. With a neat layout that puts everything at your fingertips.

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn goes beyond a traditional LMS. It has an intuitive, modern, attractive and fully responsive interface. It provides the user with an innovative teaching and learning experience.

 See what it has to offer!

  • Content repository

  • Anti-plagiarism tool

  • Real-time reporting



Blackboard Ally

It is a solution that is making a difference, with its more inclusive and accessible e-learning environment, which allows its users to access the content of their courses through:

  • Audio formats

  • Electronic Braille

  • ePub Reader

  • Translated version  


The most powerful analytics tool, centralizing all LMS data, tracking and analyzing user performance in real time. 

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