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First, let's be clear that a digital transformation leader is the wizard of the company, he is the one who has the ability to manage the digital assets of the organization, in order to successfully carry out the tasks to be executed, this leader must know to perfection everything related to the technology and innovation, do his best tricks, juggling and risk to change. With this he obtains that digital strategies are implemented successfully.
What should you do?
The digital leader is prepared for any change in the organization, you must have the ability to adapt them, so they do not feel that they left their comfort zone, you must be their guide towards the road to success. ah and the daily perfume! must be updates on new work methodologies. Always active! One of the essential points is that you must take advantage of any innovative change, to generate the right solutions for the company and keep it always updated.
You must be a shepherd of success, the digital transformation leader must make everyone walk in the same direction, towards transformation, change and technological innovation. Your main quality is the ability to deal with changing processes, to lead your teams effectively and adapt them to the technological variation that drives digital transformation. Let's put on the chameleon suit!
Take note and become a leader in digital transformation leader!

  • Innovative mindset: To be a good digital transformation leader you must stay current and be curious in the online environment. Gossip away!
  • Agility: it is important for the digital leader to have the ability to respond quickly and accurately.
  • Analytical capacity: Must manage to extract all the information and analyze it correctly to find solutions.
  •  Ability to inspire: empathy, closeness and motivation are key elements when it comes to building trust. connect with your customers!
Challenges of a digital leader
The digital leader must deal mainly with changes in the way of working, the changes in companies are 360° to join the world of digital transformation, and require the leader to be able to assume that process, to generate innovative solutions that the organization demands. It can be face-to-face or remote, the important thing is that you apply your knowledge and skills to reach a solution. You must be the wildcard of first aid!


Taking your business to online leadership is one of the challenges you must take on, immersing yourself in the entire digital universe is a new business paradigm that will bring great opportunities to companies. Yes, it can be done! It is also important to to enhance communication It is also important to promote communication between all team members, so that they feel proud of the mission and values of the brand, interacting and generating conversations is a good step!
Exploit your potential!
If you manage to take advantage of these essential fundamentals, you will be an excellent leader for digital transformation, you just have to constantly work on the key points and focus on the development of your team, thus improving the functioning of the digital structure of your organization. Remember: an agile leader has an innovative mindset and the ability to delegate is key.
Francheska Barraez

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