What should you pay more attention to in 2022?



What should you pay more attention to in 2022? 
Mental change to achieve the aspired change with strategic actions.
Since the end of 2021, we have already started dreaming for 2022. 
We dream from any role we perform in life, and the company and its leaders also dream. Personal dreams that we must transform into collective dreams to drive the company we lead. Change and transformation impose on us an evolution in our being to achieve these new ways of doing, and in this way we can face the chaotic environment with a truly integral attitude.. Key concepts appear to stay ahead, with real cooperations for the market.
The word of the moment "change", is the key word of today that means to push us towards the new and to take a leap in the routes. It means evolving in the focus of the business and walking the path that involves our globalized environment, the different technologies that emerge and evolve the present world towards an immediate future. "Disruptive technologies that break our mindset change in its core aspects of attention to soft and hard skills."
What will be these focuses of attention to achieve the dreams we need to push for? 
The evolution trigger is within us and also within our organization. First people change and then processes change, all supported by innovative technological changes that move in a volatile way in the environment.
Today we must foresee near future scenarios that will allow us to build a safe outlook, evaluating the impediments we may face. Recognize that the greatest risk is the resistance to change that we may encounter in our daily work. Pay attention looking inward, strengthening confidence and avoiding frustration in case of mistakes. Keep in mind that to err is to learn and to do the pertinent with productive plans so that these changes are fruitful.
Collaboration is key to any change. The challenge for leaders will be to learn to value the work of othersuntil all the loose ends of the process are tied up and measurable and achievable results begin to be seen.
When facing a future planning procedure, a personal change must be considered in order to reformulate new work techniques, with the objective of personally changing by modifying our inner self and then outwardly.
This year 2022, disruptive disruptive innovation is the trend for organizations; therefore, the adaptive leader adaptive leaderThe adaptive leader, formally trained in his or her way of thinking, must be the guarantor of change and business transformation. He/she must co-create the path to agility, must inquire and evaluate permanently; for example: If you want to travel, you know the way out and look for a destination, and you have to define the route to get to your chosen place. You, your team, your organizational community and your customers start agility to achieve the dreamed route to the chosen destination: Business Agility.
You are the protagonist of the change planned and already visualized for 2022. You are the owner of your mental change for the propagation of the plans aligned among all of us.. "We are all Leaders." Normally the vision statements of the company correspond to the aspirations of the team leader, to define it you can ask yourself: What are my personal aspirations, those of my team, those of my company? And thus, you will build the vision of the future that everyone should achieve together.

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