Marketing Automation

Connect with your customers in real time and in an automated way.

Achieve fully automated, real-time mass communications. Connect with your customers in an effective and timely manner through emails, rich SMS, calls, landing pages and creative push messages. All this, through intelligent flows. ¡Your digital transformation is here!


With its high technology, this innovative solution automates your communication processes to facilitate and simplify daily interactions, cultivating happier and more satisfied customers.

Explore the automations available for the entire 100% digital Customer Journey of your business:


SAP Marketing Cloud

With Marketing Cloud you can make your campaigns successful, increase lead interactions , and develop a unique view of your customers. You'll also be able to implement valuable information to make intelligent decisions. Experience the digital transformationby increasing your sales!

SybDigital Mailbox

The multichannel digital platform that offers you the consolidation of your digital documents. It has a repository of information and direct notifications through any communication channel. Access to reports, statistics and surveys in real time. The technology and innovation is your path to success!


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