Strategic decision making has never been easier

Stay one step ahead of your competition by incorporating analytics tools. Enable your customers to make quick and confident decisions, driving better results. The digital transformation optimizes your analytics processes.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Make smart decisions with reliable strategic information and integrated planning processes across your entire enterprise - with SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • Unify your analytics

  • Easily integrate SAP applications to your organization

  • Gain robust access to heterogeneous data sources


SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

Increase business growth and reduce planning times with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation:

  • Provides reliable data

  • Provides financial projection and consolidation

  • Increased budgeting capabilities

SAP Profitability and Performance Management

Use advanced business modeling, granular profit analysis, cost and simulation capabilities to make the decisions that increase your business agility - with SAP Profitability and Performance Management:

  • Enables on-premise and cloud environments

  • Uses advanced business modeling of complex processes

  • Real-time results, scenario modeling and simulations

  • Collects extended information with multidimensional analysis of benefits and costs.


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Unify all your organization's data with a semantic service through SAP Data Warehouse Cloud:

  • Delivers data modeling, connectivity and virtualization across your enterprise

  • Share strategic information with your users through robust, managed spaces

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